Cindy Cullen

I am a web developer who builds web applications with WordPress. I also customize plugins and themes for my clients. In addition, I host and protect WordPress sites for my clients who don’t want to worry about their sites getting hacked. Unfortunately, I also fix a lot of WP sites who didn’t have any protection and therefore, have been broken into. It definitely pays to have protection. And I hire interns and junior programmers who want to learn about WordPress Development.

I am sponsoring WordPress because I want to help WordPress site owners keep their sites healthy and happy! I’m also looking for more interns to help me build and protect more sites.

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About Brett Shumaker

Brett is the lead developer at Ah So Designs in Nashville, TN. When he's not working with the ninja squirrels at Ah So, he's probably working on one of his WordPress plugins, hanging out with his family, or maybe...just maybe...playing Minecraft. Maybe.