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Randy Hicks: Schedule and Task Master

Task Master. Laid back php developer, WordPress enthusiast and part time discgolfer. I’m originally from the Northwest, but Nashville is starting to grow on me!

Brett Shumaker: Site Lead

Site Management, HTML, CSS and more. WordPress developer from Ohio, living and working in Nashville. I love building WordPress sites and making WordPress plugins.

Pamela Coyle: Content Lead

Pam helps tech firms translate their services and products into clear language that grabs attention. A content strategist and specialist, she leverages tools from her career as a newspaper journalist to ask the right questions, put answers in the right context and set the right tone.
Content Connects

D’nelle Dowis: Speaker & Volunteer Lead

D’nelle is the owner of Berry Interesting Productions, where her shenanigans include website building, email marketing, graphic designing, SEO-ing and social media managing. She lives and works in East Nashville with her husband and dog. She’s on twitter @d_nelle.

Mark Tune: Budget, Fundraising & Logistics Lead

I have been operating online since 1996. I organize a local meetup for Nashville Online Entrepreneurs at where we discuss topics on how to make money online. I am heavy involved in ecommerce and have a hobby of buying and selling domain names. I am in the process of developing an informational authority website and developing a WordPress plugin and software for teachers. Find out more at his website or on twitter.

Josiah Goff: Website, Design, Speaker Recruitment & After Party teams

I’m a WordPress veteran and a blogging n00b. When I’m not coding for Jetty, I spend my time building my own apps, taking photos, playing disc golf, binge-watching Netflix, and hangout out with my lovely wife, Amy. Find out more at my website or on twitter.

Alex Patin: Website & Speaker recruitment teams

Alex is a designer and front end web developer from Nashville. Alex is a member of the Nashville WordPress Developer Meetup, and nerds out over games, technology, and anything with an awesome story. Alex collects stickers and covers his laptop with them, so if you have a sticker, be sure to give him one!

Gary Aydelott: Volunteer

Gary is a Sales and Marketing consulting and social media enthusiast! He started Rhino Reputation with the idea of helping 1,000 people start using social media and professional sales techniques to improve their careers and have a better lifestyle. You can connect with him @RhinoReputation.

Dani Howell: Volunteer

Dani is a web developer, social butterfly, dancer, ENFJ, geeky girl and a lover of bourbon and all things fuzzy. She loves all the hack/thon events in Nashville, and you can also find her volunteering at BarCamp. Find out more about her at Red Canary Creative or @chaoskitten82.

MaAnna Stephenson: Volunteer

MaAnna is a geek who can still speak in plain English and helps small businesses, solopreneurs, and non-geeks create sites that get noticed by search engines and readers. Comprehensive consultation and training including WordPress, SEO, content, conversion, security, performance, and membership sites. Find out more about her at or @BlogAid.

Daryl Houston: Volunteer

Daryl works on for Automattic and reads lots of fiction in his spare time.
Find out more about him at his website or on twitter

Chelsie Goodwin: Volunteer

I like a lot of different stuffs and stuff. And my favorite colors are black and blue. Find out more on my page or on twitter.

Alecia Kryworuka: Volunteer

Alecia lives in Knoxville, TN with her husband, 2 kids, 4 dogs, and a cat! She loves all things WordPress and has several blogs where she shares recipes, homeschool information, and ways to get kids interested in history while on vacation. She also loves to cook, travel, and listen to music. You can find her on twitter @detoursnlife or at