Faces of WordPress: Randy Hicks

Randy Hicks Nashville

Randy Hicks

How were you first introduced to WordPress?
A friend in 2007 mentioned WordPress and that I could build websites with it. I jumped on board and haven’t looked back since.

What do you like about it?
I like that it has a vibrant community that continues to stay on top of web standards. I also like that it’s an open source project. WordPress has helped more people publish to the web than probably any software out there.

What do you do with WP now?
I develop custom sites and applications.

How as the WP community helped you?
The local community has pulled me out of the home office! I now have a over a dozen developer friends I could contact at any point to ask questions. I’m convinced that I could move to any city that has a WordPress meetup and run a successful business. The WordPress community is such an all inclusive group that I feel included everywhere!

Did learning WP lead to any significant changes in your life?
Learning to code php changed my day job, but using WP as the engine behind my php boosted me out of manual labor.

What would you tell a new user? A new developer?
Take the plunge! Start simple, join the meetup group and come out to all the meetings. Building a site whether it’s a blog or a professional product is very rewarding and WordPress makes it easy and forward compatible!