Local WordCamp Sponsors Give Back

The question isn’t why would you want to be a WordCamp Nashville sponsor. The question is why wouldn’t you?

Dozens of agencies in Middle Tennessee use WordPress to build websites for clients large and small. Such companies benefit greatly from a free and open source software like WordPress, plus the vast support ecosystem that surround it, and WordCamp sponsorships are a great way to give back to project that’s helped build their business.

Three sponsorship levels

sponsor-swagSponsorship comes with goodies, which grow with the size of the contribution. We created three levels of financial support ($500, $250, $100) to make sponsorship more widely available. Take a look:

Gold $500

  • 4 comp tickets
  • Sidebar Logo 300×300
  • 2 Blog posts
  • Swag table
  • Newsletter thanks
  • twitter list
  • tweet thanks
  • badge in all newsletters

Silver $250

  • 2 comp tickets
  • Sidebar Logo 200×200
  • 1 Blog post
  • twitter list
  • tweet thanks
  • badge in all newsletters

Community $100

  • 1 comp ticket
  • Sidebar Logo 75×75
  • twitter list
  • tweet thanks
  • badge in all newsletters

Benefits beyond good karma

Digital marketing, design and development agencies that use WordPress support WordCamps as a way to help grow an even stronger local community. Companies that sponsor WordCamp also get their brand in front of hundreds of attendees, including a ton of awesome developers, and prime exposure on this very website.

Technology companies have used other community-organized camps in Nashville as a way to recruit talent. We’ve even heard a few reports of local WordCamp sponsors getting new gigs or clients because of the extra visibility.

And don’t forget – additional sponsorship opportunities exist for the WordCamp Speaker Dinner and the after-party on Saturday, May 16. Hashtag beer.

Become a sponsor!