Faces of WordPress: Stephanie Gordon Roy

Stephanie Gordon Roy

Stephanie Gordon Roy

How were you first introduced to WordPress?
I first learned about WordPress when I started my own blog on WordPress.com. I wanted more functionality and learned about WordPress.org. I then set up an ecommerce site as my first site when i started my own business. I was paying another designer to maintain an html site for n=me and thought, “hey, why can’t I do this myself”? I statrted exploring WordPress more and loved it so much I decided to designing sites for other people full time!

What do you like about it?
I love that it is so versatile. Not every site has to look the same. You can really flex your design muscles and experiment with different themes and looks. I also love all the plugins! You can really find just about anything you could think of to add to your site. If you happen to not find it, it’s not too difficult to develop your own. WordPress also has so many great support and documentation resources.

What do you do with WP now?
I now work as a freelance designer/developer and make WordPress websites for a variety of clients. I develop custom themes as well as utilize several different pre-built themes.

How as the WP community helped you?
I love Wordcamp Nashville! I have only been twice but learned so much. The Nashville community is really helpful as I have contacted other WordPress Nashville members when I need help, ideas or project leads.

Did learning WP lead to any significant changes in your life?
By designing WordPress websites full time I make more money than I ever have! Because of that, this year my husband and I are building a new home. It also feels pretty awesome when a client loves their new website or you have solved a problem for someone by using WordPress.

What would you tell a new user? A new developer?
Users: Make use of the WordPress documentation and tutorials you can find all over the web. WordPress is very user friendly and don’t let the fact that you don’t know a coding language intimidate you.

Developers: Explore and experiment. There are so many themes and plugins out there. Don’t limit yourself! The more you play around with WordPress the better you get.

Anything else we should know?
In my free time and ride and compete gaited horses! I have even done several equine business WordPress sites.